X-Tab's IRC

The X-Tab IRC network is open to everyone who wants to join in. You can log in with your favorite IRC client by connecting to irc.x-tab.org, or use the flash client from this site (link below). The main channel is #Chat where you will find most of the regular X-Tab users and discussions ranging from everyday life to in-depth technical conversations. You of course are free to make your own channel and invite your friends as well :)

If you would like to connect using your own IRC client you can connect to irc.x-tab.org on ports 6667, 6668, 7000, and 6697 for SSL.

Click here to start chatting using the flash client!

Getting Help

If you need help using X-Tab's chat, you may ask your question in #Chat. Most of the people in #Chat are very knowledgeable with IRC and would be pleased to help.

NOTE: Asking for help with installing or configuring UnrealIRCd, InspIRCd, Anope, Atheme, or any part of those will result in a ban. X-Tab is not here to help you set up or run your own IRC network.