Any data sent to or received from any X-Tab services may be monitored and/or logged through routine maintenance and stored indefinitely. Information on this page related to specific X-Tab services and data transmissions.

By continuing to use services provided by X-Tab, you signify that you have read and understand this statement.

IRC: Messages Sent to Channels (Public Messages)

Messages sent to any channel on X-Tab IRC are broadcast as public messages and become public property immediately when sent. Public messages may be logged by any user or bot, including (but not limited to) X-Tab staff, services, and other systems. Logs may be stored indefinitely by the receiving user(s) and system(s), and retransmitted or published at any time. Public messages may be monitored without notification.

IRC: Messages Sent to a Single User (Private Messages)

Messages sent to a single recipient are considered private and property of the sender and receiver. Private messages transmitted over unencrypted connections (either sending or receiving) may be intercepted by other services outside of X-Tab's control, as well as captured and logged during routine server maintenance. Users concerned with security of private messages should use SSL-enabled connections to X-Tab.

The use of SSL

All services provide the ability to use SSL. The use of SSL encrypts your connection so that it may not be intercepted by 3rd parties not intended to receive the information. The use of SSL on IRC does not change the conditions above regarding messages to channels and users over IRC.

User Information

All X-Tab services collect user information about anyone accessing X-Tab services, the amount and specifics of collected information varies depending on which service is accessed and, in some cases, the information provided by the user. All information pertaining to users, with the exception of information made public through normal operations and information shared by the user to others, is considered confidential and is not shared with any 3rd party. In the event of a legal dispute or abuse of X-Tab systems, information may be released to law enforcement as needed.